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2 Glenridge Rd.,


Sold - April 2020

Sold in less than 2 weeks! The closing was challenging given the pandemic - but everyone worked together to get the job done!

22 Boudreau Ave.,


Sold - March 2020

I was able to get this property sold OVER asking price within the first week it was on the market - even during COVID-19!

100 E. Meadow,


Sold - November 2019

Helping a first time home buyer is one of my favorite things! I also love adventure and finding this place mixed both of them together! My knowledge of condos helped for a successful purchase.

149 Grove St.,


Sold - September 2019

I actually did a lot of work on this while on vacation in Italy. It's important that my clients feel secure in their ability to reach me & know I'm always working for them - even when I'm in another country!

3 Highridge Rd.,


Sold - June 2019

I represented the buyers in this sale. It wasn't easy, given the market - bidding wars galore! But, with the right negotiation tools I was able to secure this property for my buyers!

2802 Maplebrook,


Sold - June 2019

Sold in under 24 hours for over asking price! Open house was cancelled!

104 Goodale St.,

W. Boylston

Sold - April 2019

I loved listing this place! Gorgeous wooded lot! The buyer had a VA loan, which made it my 3rd VA loan sale. Experience is key - and you learn best by doing!

12 Oak St.,


Sold - July 2018

Sometimes condo transactions are hard. This was one of them. But having a background in condo management helps me perform better for my clients & get the job done.

61 Highwood Dr.,


Sold - June 2018

I met this buyer at an open house & was fortunate enough to work with another great agent on the other side of this transaction. It's all about team work!

39 Harvard St.,


Sold - June 2018

This unique property sold for $12k OVER asking price at the open house! Effective marketing matters!

13 Cemetery St.,


Sold - May 2018

The professional photography I use really helped to showcase this home. It sold at the open house!

150 Highwood Dr.


Sold - May 2018

Another condo in beautiful Highwood III! This went at the open house for OVER asking price!

28 Progress St.,


Sold - March 2018

This sale wasn't the easiest, but at the end of the day, what matters is that you do right by your client and get them into a place they love. Mission accomplished!

75 Old Chestnut Hill Rd., Millville

Sold - December 2017

I worked both sides of this transaction & learned quite a bit about 203k loans. I also worked with the state on this closing. Experience is key!

68 Macomber 


Sold - October 2017

This was an adventure! I loved hunting around a new area to help my buyers find their perfect home! It also gave me experience with FHA loans.

143 Highwood Dr.


Sold - May 2017

Offer in 1 day! Properties move when you price them right!

129 Highwood Dr.


Sold - February 2017

My expertise in condos allowed me to sell again in this community!

33 Rose Court,


Sold - December 2016

I worked both sides of this transaction, helping both the buyer and the seller in this cash sale transaction. 

17 Hemlock St.,


Sold - December 2016

I loved helping my buyers relocate from Arizona back to MA! We were able to coordinate sales in 2 different states to make this one work!

137 Pierce St.,

W. Boylston

Sold - December 2016

Loved exploring beautiful West Boylston to find this home for my buyers!

125 Highwood Dr.


Sold - August 2016

Super easy sale with a VA loan to boot! Great community in Franklin!

7 Burke Ln.,


Sold - July 2016

My buyer was anxious to find the perfect home - which lead us to Sutton! It was great helping my buyer negotiate a deal during a bidding war in such a busy market.

21 Mill Pond,


Sold - June 2016

Beautiful colonial that got an offer at the open house! That's the power of pricing a home to sell!

108 Highwood Dr.,


Sold - May 2016

Lovely condo at Highwood II Condominiums! 

218-220 S Main,


Sold - November 2015

Short sale & VA loan all in one! Tough closings? No problem! I've got it!

114 Elm St.,


Sold - November 2015

Decided to take a trip outside of my comfort zone to find my buyers the perfect home.

16 Harrington,


Sold - July 2015

This property is unique because it is 2 gorgeous properties on one piece of land. Rare find!


133 Hartford Ave, Uxbridge

Sold - June 2015

Cozy 3 bedroom in Uxbridge for a first time home buyer!

112 Denoncourt,


Sold - June 2015

Fantastic home in a quiet section of Marlborough!

126-128 Viles St., Weston

Sold - February 2015

A lovely duplex in the beautiful town of Weston!

164 Main St., Millville

Sold - March 2014

Antique home with tons of potential for a first time buyer!

14 Highwood Dr.,


Sold - October 2013

Spacious condo in Franklin. Single level living at it's finest!

17-6 Erick Rd.,


Sold - June 2012

My very first sale! A cozy condo in Manfield!

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