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583 Blackstone,

Sold - June 2021

This beautiful home was sold by people who raised their family in this home and then my buyers purchased it as their forever home to raise THEIR family! Perfect circle!


218-220 S. Main,

Sold - July 2021

I helped these sellers purchase this home back in 2015 and I'm so blessed for the repeat business to help them sell it! Got this one under agreement in just a couple days!


19 Morris St.,

Sold - July 2021

Buying and selling can be a challenge, but I was able to get my buyer into this adorable home! There's no better feeling than a happy client!


31 Main Street, U: 2, Maynard

Sold - December 2020

New construction is never the easiest. But at the end of the day my client loves their new home and that's truly all that matters!

10A Oak.jpg

10A Oak Tree Dr.,

Sold - May 2021

This beauty was a special place for my sellers and I am so grateful they trusted me handling this sale. While not the easiest transaction, we persevered!

1568 Providence.jpg

1568 Providence,

Sold - June 2021

First time home buyers found their PERFECT starter home! In such a competitive market, we were able to get their offer accepted almost immediately!

Front House 1.jpg

157 Nesmith St., U:10, Lowell

Sold - August 2020

This condo was a dream to sell. My 3rd time working in the Lowell area!


75 Old Chestnut Hill Rd., Millville

Sold - September 2020

Second time selling this. Second time working both sides. UNDER AGREEMENT in 19 hours!!!


40 Progress St., Hopedale

Sold - October 2020

After spending close to a year finding JUST the right space, my clients found the perfect spot in beautiful Hopedale!

2 Glenridge 1.jpg

2 Glenridge Rd.,


Sold - April 2020

Sold in less than 2 weeks! The closing was challenging given the pandemic - but everyone worked together to get the job done!

22 Boudreau 1.jpg

22 Boudreau Ave.,


Sold - March 2020

I was able to get this property sold OVER asking price within the first week it was on the market - even during COVID-19!

100 E. Meadow Rd.jpg

100 E. Meadow,


Sold - November 2019

Helping a first time home buyer is one of my favorite things! I also love adventure and finding this place mixed both of them together! My knowledge of condos helped for a successful purchase.

149 Grove 1.jpg

149 Grove St.,


Sold - September 2019

I actually did a lot of work on this while on vacation in Italy. It's important that my clients feel secure in their ability to reach me & know I'm always working for them - even when I'm in another country!

3 Highridge1.jpg

3 Highridge Rd.,


Sold - June 2019

I represented the buyers in this sale. It wasn't easy, given the market - bidding wars galore! But, with the right negotiation tools I was able to secure this property for my buyers!

2802 MB Rd.jpg

2802 Maplebrook,


Sold - June 2019

Sold in under 24 hours for over asking price! Open house was cancelled!


104 Goodale St.,

W. Boylston

Sold - April 2019

I loved listing this place! Gorgeous wooded lot! The buyer had a VA loan, which made it my 3rd VA loan sale. Experience is key - and you learn best by doing!

12 Oak Northbridge.jpg

12 Oak St.,


Sold - July 2018

Sometimes condo transactions are hard. This was one of them. But having a background in condo management helps me perform better for my clients & get the job done.

61 Highwood.jpg

61 Highwood Dr.,


Sold - June 2018

I met this buyer at an open house & was fortunate enough to work with another great agent on the other side of this transaction. It's all about team work!


39 Harvard St.,


Sold - June 2018

This unique property sold for $12k OVER asking price at the open house! Effective marketing matters!


13 Cemetery St.,


Sold - May 2018

The professional photography I use really helped to showcase this home. It sold at the open house!

150 Highwood 1.jpg

150 Highwood Dr.


Sold - May 2018

Another condo in beautiful Highwood III! This went at the open house for OVER asking price!


28 Progress St.,


Sold - March 2018

This sale wasn't the easiest, but at the end of the day, what matters is that you do right by your client and get them into a place they love. Mission accomplished!

75 Old Chestnut Hill Rd., Millville

Sold - December 2017

I worked both sides of this transaction & learned quite a bit about 203k loans. I also worked with the state on this closing. Experience is key!


68 Macomber 


Sold - October 2017

This was an adventure! I loved hunting around a new area to help my buyers find their perfect home! It also gave me experience with FHA loans.


143 Highwood Dr.


Sold - May 2017

Offer in 1 day! Properties move when you price them right!


129 Highwood Dr.


Sold - February 2017

My expertise in condos allowed me to sell again in this community!


33 Rose Court,


Sold - December 2016

I worked both sides of this transaction, helping both the buyer and the seller in this cash sale transaction. 


17 Hemlock St.,


Sold - December 2016

I loved helping my buyers relocate from Arizona back to MA! We were able to coordinate sales in 2 different states to make this one work!


137 Pierce St.,

W. Boylston

Sold - December 2016

Loved exploring beautiful West Boylston to find this home for my buyers!

125 Highwood.jpg

125 Highwood Dr.


Sold - August 2016

Super easy sale with a VA loan to boot! Great community in Franklin!


7 Burke Ln.,


Sold - July 2016

My buyer was anxious to find the perfect home - which lead us to Sutton! It was great helping my buyer negotiate a deal during a bidding war in such a busy market.

21 Mill Pond.jpg

21 Mill Pond,


Sold - June 2016

Beautiful colonial that got an offer at the open house! That's the power of pricing a home to sell!

108 Highwood.jpg

108 Highwood Dr.,


Sold - May 2016

Lovely condo at Highwood II Condominiums! 


218-220 S Main,


Sold - November 2015

Short sale & VA loan all in one! Tough closings? No problem! I've got it!


114 Elm St.,


Sold - November 2015

Decided to take a trip outside of my comfort zone to find my buyers the perfect home.


16 Harrington,


Sold - July 2015

This property is unique because it is 2 gorgeous properties on one piece of land. Rare find!



133 Hartford Ave, Uxbridge

Sold - June 2015

Cozy 3 bedroom in Uxbridge for a first time home buyer!


112 Denoncourt,


Sold - June 2015

Fantastic home in a quiet section of Marlborough!


126-128 Viles St., Weston

Sold - February 2015

A lovely duplex in the beautiful town of Weston!


164 Main St., Millville

Sold - March 2014

Antique home with tons of potential for a first time buyer!

14 Highwood.jpg

14 Highwood Dr.,


Sold - October 2013

Spacious condo in Franklin. Single level living at it's finest!

17-6 Erick Rd.jpg

17-6 Erick Rd.,


Sold - June 2012

My very first sale! A cozy condo in Manfield!

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